It’s ironic how life plays out, especially the parts you don’t plan or anticipate. Photography has always had a place in my life and served as the fun outlet away from the intense pace of my chosen career path of architecture. The view into people's lives through my lens sparked a passion that I never knew I had, yet somehow had always been there. As a result, I discovered how much the process of portrait and lifestyle photography intrigues me, specifically the story waiting to be told and the reaction to capturing raw moments that will never happen again. It is because of this that I am able to validate my passion and desire for wanting to capture more!

I specialize in portrait and lifestyle photography with an emphasis on capturing authentic moments using a unique, organic approach. When it comes to new clients, I strive to build a lasting relationship year after year rather than a one-time session. I would be so grateful to be the one you trust to capture those priceless moments in your life -- and it all starts with hello!

Photo by Beri Irving

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