Growing up the product of a photographer and a steel contractor, I followed the formal track into the fields of architecture and building construction, where photography always had a place with documenting the progress of spaces and details. As a result, you could usually find me obsessing over light and shadow, timing and spaces, or texture and layers, and how they might inspire my work. I believe in the tactility of creating something real and transformative, yet that speaks a visual language all its own.

Floridian by birth, I chased the dream of living in New York City as a no-strings-attached graduate with dual master degrees in hand. You could say that I learned more about everything in a whirlwind two years than anyone could have ever prepared me for! In 2011, I permanently landed in Atlanta, Georgia, where I’m close to my Florida roots yet have the luxury of all that a big city has to offer. It also means that I can pack my gear and easily travel to just about anywhere.

When I’m not behind my camera, you can find me in the kitchen cooking with my wonderful (chef) husband, exploring the great outdoors, or spending time with close friends and family.

I'd welcome the opportunity to learn about why you're here and how I can help create the content you're envisioning -- and it all starts with hello!

Photo by Megan DiPiero

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